Welcome to DIGIPASS Staff Toolkit - Finance

In this section we would like to give you information and tools helping you to advise an prepare your students accordingly to their study abroad experience.

We have included as much information as possible online, making it available whenever you need it in order to help you professionalize your knowledge and abilities as a mobility's finance advisor.

Best practices

How does the world look like for students in the twenty-first century at the moment in terms of the financial stability?

It is especially courageous of students to do a mobility abroad in an unknown city with different prices than back home.

In this video you will hear the experiences of mobility students regarding their financial journey abroad.

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How to

Money is usually a huge obstacle for many students when deciding which country to go to, as each student have to embrace this change in life. Below you find some tips that student can use in order to financially prepare their journey.


For many students going abroad is the first step to adulthood, independence or even their first time living on their own. Many are not familiar with the costs of living and especially in a foreign country with a different lifestyle.

Use the following checklist to map out the financial situations of the city and help students in preparing their journey.

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Budget Calculator

To help out with mapping out the living costs in the city, we have created a template for the students to use.

These factors are based on alumni mobility students’ experiences in their host university and city.

With this tool, the student have a good indication of the living costs of their new home.


Before going on mobility, there are many questions that students have.

Moving to a new city and country is a big step to independence.

In the next page you can find some frequently asked questions by students regarding the finances before and during their mobility.

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