Welcome to the DIGIPASS Staff Toolkit - Health and Wellbeing

In this section, you will find information and resources to help support you in dealing with wellbeing challenges when it comes to student mobility. We offer best practice guidance for supporting students with their health and wellbeing, both whilst abroad and at home.

These resources are also important for your own health and wellbeing and provide access to a virtual community of practice.

Best practices

In this video, various experts talk about the topic of mental health and wellbeing of students and how they, as staff members of the university, deal with these matters. They share their best practices and tips of how to deal with health issues from students during their mobility.

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How to...

To support students’ wellbeing during their exchange program abroad, it is useful to make the student aware that there are exercises they can do that can help in reducing stress, anxiety, and related issues.

Try the following exercises, and pass them along to your students.


There are many questions students have when they are abroad. Especially when they are not in a great and rational condition, things might become serious. It is advisable to have an overview of frequently asked questions by former mobility students and have a response ready.

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