DIGIPASS Staff toolkit Finance - Best practice video

Danna (University of Amsterdam) interviews former students Boje Boogaerdt (The Netherlands), Kateryna Kravchenko (Ukraine), Safaa Souiri (USA) and William Vargas (Costa Rica).

00:00 -4:40 Introduction
4:41-11:55 Talking about finances: privilege, stress and shame
18:31-19:09 What can university staff do to support the students in all the phases of mobility regarding finances?
19:10-29:06 At what point do the students think about finances and how did that impact their orientation phase?
29:07-33:45 Was there any help from the university to apply for a scholarship of grant during the preparation phase?
33:46-38:10 What support did the students miss during the preparation phase?
38:11-51:41 What obstacles did the students encounter during their mobility and how did they deal with it?
51:42-1:01:16 How did the student concluded their ‘financial journey’?
01:01:17-01:04:50 Was there a buddy system available and did the students make use of that?
01:04:51-01:12:30Reflection: what students would have wanted to do different looking back & things university staff did to make the experience a success that were not mentioned before
1:12:31-1:13-59 Wrap up