Andrea Pichelli – Director of Global Strategic Engagement, University of Pavia. Chris Lawler – Ceo and Co-Founder, Learn International. Thu Thuy Hoang – Student Supervisor & Vice-director Itacentro, Hanol University. Meredith Blumthal – Directof of International program in Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign

0:50 Intros
03:20Chris explains why marketing strategy must be balanced.
Meredith shows the focus of her university is on the importance for students to keep on progressing on their study degree.
Thuy explains that the most important strategy focuses on the support of the students.
09:30Chris talks about the importance of real-life person-to-person interaction.
Meredith underlines that there is a lot of noise on social media channels.
Thuy explains they focus on sharing the value of their university and on the strong partnerships.
15:15All the interviewed agree on the importance of student feedback.
- Make it easier for students to find the best option for them, remember partnerships: let’s collaborate!, remove obstacles along the way
- Be clear and transparent, have professional materials, have a clear web presence
- Concentrate on the quality of your program, strengthen collaboration and dissemination through partnerships, destigmatizing challenges/mental health/finding the correct support
28:00Meredith talks about the Spring semester program in Spain.
Chris explains they created a Public Health Program from scratch.
For Thuy, their best success is the overcoming of Covid-19.
33:35Last hints and conclusion