DigiPass TM4 ready to start

From the 24th to the 26th of February, the 4th transnational meeting took place at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), in The Netherlands. This year, we counted with the assistance of representatives all the six different member universities, who achieved very important goals, as well as getting to know Dutch culture from a closer view.

Guido de Wilde and Willeke Jeeninga were the representatives in charge of giving the warm welcome, and giving some Dutch presents to the guests, next to some stories behind it. The activity was followed by a review of the capsule content that is going to be part of the Student Toolkit section. The main content categories were reviewed, and each university gave an update about their progress with the content the platform is supposed to have. This activity was led by representatives from the University College Dublin. After that, the expectations of the Evaluation & Advisory Committee (EAC) were discussed, led by the University of Edinburgh. The day finalized with a series of workshops related with the use of LinkedIn in the Community of Practice, and how to create a webinar, by representatives of the University of Amsterdam, who also arranged a dinner for all the participants.

On the second day, teams worked on the development of the essential content that needs to be part of the Staff Toolkit, based on categories related to finance, health, among others. An interim report and a financial update were given, as well as an update related to the Moodle platform, and the content for the IO1. The activities were followed by the reviewing of the Multiplier Events 1, and the planning of the Multiplier Events 2. The meeting ended with a review and the culmination of the content for the Student Toolkit, and an invitation for drinks for all the guests.

The discussion about the schedule and participant profiles for the second International Staff Week took place on the third and last day of the Transnational Meeting. After that, representatives from the University of Pavia gave the rest of the team an update about the Handbook they have been developing as part of the products of the Digipass project. The day concluded with a wrap up of the whole event, and a lunch arranged by the colleagues of the University of Amsterdam.